Questions come with the territory

Hopefully, we have provided you with all the ammunition needed to pull the trigger on purchasing one of our popular BREECH Gear products. Please review our home page and product pages for detailed information. Contact us at for questions related to refunds and returns. You can also email us through our email contact form here – CONTACT

Breech boxer briefs are extremely comfortable and made of moisture-wicking 95% breathable cotton and 5% spandex. The spandex band is covered with cotton fabric for optimal comfort. Cotton is a natural fiber, the most suitable for an active lifestyle, and highly breathable.

Yes, BREECH cotton boxer briefs will shrink when washed in hot water and put in the dryer. We recommend washing BREECH boxer briefs at least once before wearing them so the cotton fabric will tighten up, creating a condensed cotton protective barrier between your skin and firearm. Wash in cold water. Low-heat dryer setting.

BREECH boxer briefs can be worn every day just like a traditional pair of underwear. It’s been said that the average pair of men’s underwear lasts about seven years. However, it’s recommended that men replace their underwear once every 6-12 months.

No! BREECH boxer briefs do not hold a firearm and are not a type of underwear holster.

Yes, please refer to the Breech Gear return policy for detailed information about returns. Click RETURNS